Small businesses are the backbone of any functional economy. Small businesses are corner stores, mom and pop businesses, small startups with big dreams, companies at the brink of “making”, and everything in between those states.

Small businesses are responsible for approximately 90% global job supply. Such businesses tend to rely on affordable all-round solutions that check as many boxes as possible. To serve that purpose, small businesses require a robust and reliable document control system.

Small businesses account for around 400 million organizations that invariably need the best small business document management software. The definition of what constitutes a small business is a rather complicated one, but it is generally accepted that any company with fewer than 500 employee qualifies as a small business.

However, that also includes the fact that there are millions of shops around the world owned and operated by fewer than 10 employees. We accept that every organization faces complex protocols and procedures that become exponentially more complex with every added employee. One thing that unifies all these companies together is that, on average, they don’t have massive budgets for customized solutions, especially for document control systems. 

Versatile document control software for small businesses

Keeping documents managed requires a wide array of capabilities. These capabilities need to grant control and freedom in equal measures depending on which side of management you’re on. This includes:

  • Security
  • Adaptability
  • Ubiquity
  • Ease-of-Access
  • Simple Interface

Store your Documents Encrypted and with Backups

You need a storage solution that grants you immediate access to your account regardless of where you are in the world using any platform. This means you need to be able to access your Folders whether you’re online from Kyoto using an iPhone, or on a powerful desktop computer in Spain.

However, this level of ubiquity should not come at the cost of functionality, which is a fine line already very well threaded by Folderit. You can have unimpeded access (as granted to your username by your admins) anywhere in the world, using any device with a working web connection. 

This system is protected under 256-bit encrypted cloud servers, which makes them extremely safe from any form of tampering, all communication in and out of the system are protected under SSL encryption, so you know your data is protected against unauthorized access.

This system is backed up in triplicate across data farms in triplicate (not counting any offline backups you’ve maintained on your own) far away from each other. That way your data is safe against loss, theft, or damage. 

You might think this kind of security makes for a restrictive system, but users with the appropriate authorization will find they’ll have easy access anywhere in the world.

Simple and Reliable

A startup, or small business is afloat on a sea of documentation. There are invoices, receipts, pay stubs, and thousands of other accounting and management concerns that require paperwork that gets denser and denser as time progresses. Folderit makes it easier for you to access and move through your content through an innovative search feature, powered by Optical Character Recognition (OCR). You can use metadata, custom metadata, content, date, etc. to mark and locate files. That way you can protected physical documents from wear and tear brought on by regular access, while still having them available digitally. You can even search through read-only content such as scanned receipts, images, PDF files, as OCR helps you read through them. You can also market and retrieve associated files so you can access grouped files all at once. 

With the power of Microsoft Office 365, and DocuSign (separate subscriptions required for each), you can collaborate with your coworkers on office documents from anywhere in the world as if you were sitting right next to them.  You can also send completed documents for approval either all at once, or one-by-one (whatever your company’s SOPs dictate) and get a DocuSign verified approval. 


Folderit is designed to serve as the best document control system for small businesses because it was designed with an empathy for the plight of SME market first-hand. Folderit represents the best of all the above-mentioned features and is proud to partner with numerous small to medium sized resellers around the world. 

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