Cloud Storage for Architects

It can be argued that the architect’s is the most critical role in construction. An architect’s job is to create the overall look of a building, but it goes beyond just aesthetics. It needs to satisfy the safety needs, functionality, economics, and comfort of their customers. These duties require a balance of creativity and technical skills including design, engineering, management, supervision and communicating between client and builders. To facilitate all those complex responsibilities, Folderit works great as cloud storage for architects.

Collaborate using Cloud Storage for Architects

An architect is able to take even the most abstract concepts and turn them into physical structures. To accomplish this, an architect can user Folderit’s collaboration platform with their team as well as the client without risking any unauthorized interactions between the two. 

Folderit sets up cloud storage for architects with permissions that allows certain users all access rights, such as architects themselves, or limited permissions to clients or teams. You can set it up such that your teams may access drawings and designs, etc. for their work without modifying anything. 

You can also grant viewing access to your clients for regular version updates and get their feedback. You can also set it to allow one access for one user at a time while locking everyone else out. This can help prevent duplication of efforts or other “too many cooks” scenarios.

Folderit also allows versioning. In scenarios where you, or your client wants to revert to an older design, you won’t have to rely on keeping manual backups. In a few simple clicks, you can restore any version you want without risking any hassle or conflict.


Cloud storage for architects makes most sense when it is secure. For structures that require high levels of privacy and/or security such as:

  • Banks
  • Vaults
  • Jewelry Store
  • Government buildings
  • Military compound

For all those and similar applications, Folderit provides a 256-bit bank-level encryption to its archived documents that are backed up in triplicate. You don’t risk losing data either to tampering or losses. An additional layer of security is assured when all online interactions are protected under SSL encryption, so you know your content is only accessible by those with the necessary authorizations and nobody else.

Productivity Support

Architects need a platform to manage their numerous tasks, some of which might need to be managed remotely. In scenarios where the client is situated elsewhere, or perhaps you need to outsource some tasks Folderit can help merge your work with your remote application needs. Folderit’s web-based hyper secure cloud archiving platform that can be accessed by an authorized user literally anywhere in the world through any device with a working connection to the web.

While architects work with CAD drawings, which are relatively light and don’t take up much storage, they have a lot of flexibility and mobility. However, when the time comes to create and render a 3D model or perhaps even VR walkthroughs, file sizes will increase considerably. Folderit accommodates a single file up to 90GB, which should be sufficient for the highest resolution content. Similarly, if you are using other interactive demonstration tools, like ArchWiz or Blender, you will also run into massive files, but it will be integrated into the same platform. 

In case you want to process the file at a different location (e.g. a remote rendering farm), you can send your content and have them complete and return all within Folderit.


The entire architecture process hinges on satisfying clients. For simple homes that client might just be one person, however, for companies that approval might have to come through a few people, or even departments. To keep the entire process contained and secure, all of that can be managed through Foldeit as well. 

You can set your documents up such that they require approval from as many people as necessary. This can also be done either in a hierarchy or all at once. Keeping you from having to deal with conflicts down the line. 


Architects need a platform that works in unison with them. Folderit is exactly such a platform. For creativity, management, and any other tasks in between, you know you have a secure, reliable cloud-based digital partner.