Any business that handle large volumes of data can appreciate the value of having a central location for managing and sharing documents. It saves time, money, and a lot of heartache. Folderit provides you with a robust, yet versatile document management platform.

Privacy via Permission Management

Document managing in central location and sharing

Whether someone creates it, manages it, accesses it or updates it from time to time, every company document is someone’s responsibility. Certain documents can be sensitive in nature, especially in the medical, legal, and financial sector that could contain private information intended for specific eyes only. Folderit lets you organize how all of your folder and files are managed in alignment with your privacy goals.

With Folderit, having a central location for managing and sharing documents comes with the advantage of granting users, or user groups varying degrees of access to different documents. If you have a document with sensitive information, then you can limit its viewing access to yourself and/or whomever is working on the document. Alternatively, if you are working on a document that is meant for open viewing, but limited editing access, such as announcements or schedules, you can grant everyone “view-only” access while giving the process owner complete access to modify/update as necessary. 

Security of Central Storage and Sharing

Trusting multiple platforms instead of a central location for managing and sharing documents exposes you to a risk of lapse in security every time a document is transferred. On top of the open security risk, managing documents with so many variables can be very tedious. However, with Folderit, your storage is protected under a 256-bit encryption, the same level of protection used by banks, and all your transfers are secured by an SSL encryption. That means your documents are completely safe where they are stored, and you don’t run the risk of a security breach during any file transfers. 

With all of that in place, Folderit also backs up all your data in triplicate and allows you the option of local storage so that your content is in safe hands. 

Reduced Complexity

If you have to store your file on a separate server, grant individual access through some other means, like a long arduous chain of mails, and keep track of which document is in which state and under whose control, you are looking at an extremely stressful and needlessly complex document supply chain. In a centralized secure location, all of that is covered in a click. 

Considering it is a cloud-backed web-based platform, it is ubiquitous. Any web-enabled device will grant access to you and all authorized users anywhere in the world, be it iPhone, Android, PC, Mac or something else entirely.  

You can upload a single file sized up to 50GB in a single transfer on Folderit. For video editors working on RAW 4K video, or data scientists working on massive data chunks, that is a practical use-case. 

All of that coupled with OCR-enabled search (to sift through images, PDFs, scans, etc.), custom metadata ensures that no matter the volume of data, you can always easily find it. 

Collaborative Environment

Folderit is designed to help you simplify your work. That way, there are no restrictions on how you and your teams operate on your documents. You can have multiple people work on a single document at the same time, or you can configure it such that only one person can access a document at once while others are locked out (Folderit generates relevant info about why to each authorized user).

There are mechanisms built-in to Folderit that enable you to get approvals either in your designated sequence, or all at once. You also have the option of version control with unified metadata, i.e. you can revert to an older version of a file but retain the same metadata throughout.  


Free is never free. Any platform that stores your documents online for free, is anything but. You run security risks, there is no such thing as privacy and every additional platform you entrust adds multiple layers of complexity your management process. The smart choice is to use Folderit, a central location for managing and sharing documents that is versatile, efficient, secure and most importantly, simple.