Contractors are professionals who help you accomplish a job for a price. This term is commonly associated with construction projects, be they residential, commercial or any other.

Dedicated business software for contractors help turn what could be a host of complicated bookkeeping activities and inventory nightmares waiting to happen into a simple process. With Folderit, you can focus on being productive


All contractors need to keep track of the project from start to finish. This means keeping a list of approved activities, inventory, costs, and time.

With Folderit, you can use Microsoft Office 365’s integration (separate subscription needed) to create a Microsoft Excel file to manage the books and share it with your clients and teams with varying degrees of access using Folderit’s flexible access control. This ensures that your clients can keep up with the process without modifying or changing anything, and that your team can update/view content as you want without interrupting your workflow. All of which you can monitor through the audit-trail logs.

Automate invoice tasks

Instead of manually sending your clients an invoice at fixed intervals, you now have the ability to automate that entire process and endure none of the connected headache. You can configure your invoices to go out automatically after certain milestones have been met. Your clients will receive a notification to send approvals or take certain actions, or you can go one step further and the client can set up automatic approvals. You both can set up conditions under which the process would be automatic (e.g. after a certain amount of time has lapsed, or if a financial milestone is accomplished, etc.). 

This also helps you do away with unnecessary paperwork, leaving you to conduct business.  

Manage costs with business software for contractors

We’ve already discussed bookkeeping and invoicing, however, with a robust enough system you will be able save time on financial matters.

With Folderit’s award-winning interface that is equally accessible from anywhere in the world from a web-enabled device, you can purchase items and immediately snap a picture of the invoice and upload it to your Folderit’s costing folder, which can update the client as well. When you next need to access it, the advanced OCR search will help you find the image, you can even connect related files (like other invoices) together, so when you access one, the rest show up as well. Making it easy to tally your totals.

Types of Contractors 

If a company falls under any of the following categories they can benefit from Folderit’s business software for contractors.

  • Defense contractor – In the military industry, a defense contractor will provide arms, new weapon’s tech and/or military goods (like rations) for a profit.
  • General contractor – The most commonly referred to type of contractor who is engaged to help construct, repair, renovate a building or some other facility.
  • Government contractor – A private company that produces/procures goods/supplies for government operations.
  • Independent contractor – A business or corporation that facilitates in the acquisition of goods and/or services for individuals and/or businesses. Basically, if you outsource a task, you are engaging an independent contractor. 
  • Private military company – This is different from a defense contractor. They provide armed personnel, vehicles, equipment, for security enforcers who can be hired by private companies. Folderit’s 256-bit hyper secure storage and SSL encryption can be especially handy for that.
  • Subcontractor – When the job is too much for a single contractor, they can reach out to another, a subcontractor who signs on to perform a certain part of the job.


While other construction management software solutions and construction ERP software provide financial accounting as well as operational modules to address a contractor’s average needs. They can be expensive. With a simpler, robust, yet flexible solution in Folderit, you will need to configure it only once. In it you can set up all the parameters you need to pull off a contract, e.g. for folder structure, permissions and creating a workflow and the rest of the process will follow along automatically.  

A contractor should be able to focus entirely on the task at hand without getting bogged down by the minutia of receipts, inventory management, invoicing, timelines, etc. Folderit can handle all of that for you.

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