With so much going on at startups, like figuring out the office floor plan, document management does not always take precedence. This is because companies are still learning as they grow. Below are compelling reasons to implement a document management system at your startup.

1. One central location

Everybody has encountered the plight of a missing file, or even worse, losing a whole document to chain mails and poorly managed storage solutions. It’s a cacophony of chaos. This is avoidable using a cloud-based Document Management System (DMS), Especially one accessible from any web-enabled device that maintains versions, metadata, and linked files.

Additionally, a DMS enables you to assign variable levels of authority to individual users or user groups. This way, you have complete control over the flow of your documentation.

2. Secure file sharing

Security is a priority for any firm, large or small. Startups developing fresh concepts cannot afford to have their intellectual property (IP) compromised due to insecure storage. The finest online protection is a hyper-secure cloud-based storage solution that provides the same level of security as online banks using 256-bit encryption, file transfer over SSL encryption, and two-factor authentication (if you want). Additionally, you can establish a password policy that specifies the length of passwords and the frequency of password updates. Folderit stores files using AWS’ S3 service, which guarantees 99.99% object durability over a given year. 

3. Collaboration features and Software Integration

Being safe and secure is important, but being productive should be the main goal. Using integrations such as Microsoft Office 365 (separate subscription required) and DocuSign, you may collaborate with your team as if you were practically sitting next to each other (also requires a separate subscription). You may also configure the system to grant you approvals and ensure the security of your files.

A robust document management system like Folderit will allow real-time feedback and file exchange without any compromises. Additionally, Folderit is an authorized Amazon AWS Select Technology partner. This means your content is backed-up into three availability zones, and through the use of daily snapshots and transaction logs, data is backed up in real-time. You don’t risk losing your data in case of a physical calamity.

4. Compliance

An ideal document management system for you manages files and media assets and contributes to managing all office operations. Once you begin utilizing a document management system for compliance purposes, you will notice how easier your work life has become. Not only will you be able to handle files and papers connected to your job, but a good document management system will also provide additional benefits, aside from its main asset management job.

5. Folderit as your Document Management System for Startups

Folderit has been named the most user-friendly DMS by Capterra after thorough testing, beating 500 other software for the title. Alongside being crowned the most user-friendly system, Folderit was superior to all cloud storage solutions examined. Folderit’s DMS was rated more user-friendly and responsive than competitors like Dropbox Business and Box.

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