Monthly Archives: February 2021

Contract management system

Kent February 28, 2021

Contracts help in stipulating the exact terms and conditions between the agreeing parties and help mitigate any risks, therefore, securing the interest of all involved. It might appear to be a tedious and exhausting process that may be repetitive and everchanging as clauses vary in each individual situation, it is the contract management system’s responsibility […]

Secure Cloud Storage for Accounting Firms

Kent February 18, 2021

If ever there was a department that was bogged down by too much documentation, it would have to be accounting. Accountants have to deal with everything from extensive financial statements to daily receipts and have to handle massive headaches come closing time.

Managing business documents.jpg

How to manage an entire organization through a €49/month DMS

Kent February 2, 2021

If it were as easy as creating a one-size-fits-all management solution for companies, we would all be using it. While large scale companies can easily create custom software for hundreds of thousands of euros or dollars, that remains an elusive dream for small and medium businesses.