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Implementation of Business Process Reengineering

Implementation of Business Process Reengineering

November 30, 2020

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) – commonly employed to go digital – is the act of uprooting, updating and completely reinventing how business is done. This is an “all hands on deck” process where every process owner explains how their job is done and senior professionals/consultants propose ways to do it better.

remote project management dms

DMS for remote project management

November 23, 2020

Project Management is a vast field with nearly endless applications at all scales. There is even a direct, scientific correlation between how much you invest in Project Management and how successful a business is.

Online Business software for contractors

Business software for contractors

November 9, 2020
Mari Laatre,

Contractors are professionals who help you accomplish a job for a price. This term is commonly associated with construction projects, be they residential, commercial or any other.

Remote working statistics

COVID Remote Work Statistics

November 3, 2020
Mari Laatre,

COVID-19 has drastically reshuffled the priority deck for the entire world. It has introduced us to a world where productivity does not come at the cost of physical presence. The way we do, look at, and think about business has also changed.