Organizations must emphasize the protection of their data and documents if they want to compete in today’s digital age. Implementing a document management system (DMS) can significantly increase information security and guard against potential risks.

There’s little to no reason why you shouldn’t implement a document management system today for your organization.

10 Security Reasons to Implement a DMS

  1. Access Control: You can configure role-based access rights in a DMS to ensure that only authorized users can access, alter, or delete important documents.
  2. Document Encryption: Encrypting documents in a DMS prevents unwanted access and keeps sensitive data secure even in the case of a data breach.
  3. Secure Sharing: A DMS offers safe document exchange by using password security and expiration dates, lowering the danger of illegal access or data leakage.
  4. Audit Trails: Document management solutions keep thorough audit trails, allowing you to trace user activity and document changes for openness and accountability.
  5. Version Control: A DMS has version control tools that ensure you always have access to the most recent version of a document while maintaining prior versions for reference and compliance.
  6. Data Backup and Recovery: Document management systems offer automated data backup and recovery options, preventing unintentional deletion or data loss due to system failures or natural disasters.
  7. Compliance Management: A DMS assists you in staying in compliance with industry-specific requirements and standards by providing tools to manage document retention, archiving, and disposal policies.
  8. Secure Storage: Storing documents in a secure, centralized repository decreases the danger of physical theft, damage, or unauthorized access that traditional paper-based storage techniques can cause.
  9. Security Updates and Patches: A DMS keeps your system up to speed with the most recent security updates and patches, safeguarding your documents against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.
  10. Remote Access Security: A DMS enables secure remote access to documents, allowing employees to operate from anywhere without jeopardizing the protection of important data.

Why Folderit is the Best Choice for Secure Document Management

Folderit offers a comprehensive, secure document management solution that addresses all of the above security concerns. Here’s how Folderit’s security features stand out:

  1. Role-Based Access Controls: Folderit allows you to set role permissions, ensuring that users have access only to the documents and features they need to perform their tasks.
  2. SSL Encryption: Folderit uses SSL encryption for all data transfers, ensuring that your documents remain secure during transmission.
  3. Document Versioning: With Folderit, you can track changes to documents and maintain a complete history of revisions, ensuring that you always have access to the most recent version while preserving older versions for reference and compliance purposes.
  4. Automatic Data Backup: Folderit automatically backs up your data to multiple locations, providing redundancy and protection against data loss or hardware failures.
  5. Compliance Tools: Folderit helps you maintain compliance with data protection regulations by providing tools for managing document retention, archiving, and disposal policies.
  6. Secure Cloud Storage: Folderit stores your documents in secure, encrypted cloud storage, eliminating the risk of physical theft, damage, or unauthorized access associated with traditional storage methods.
  7. Regular Security Updates: Folderit ensures that your system is always up-to-date with the latest security updates and patches, protecting your documents from emerging threats and vulnerabilities.
  8. Two-Factor Authentication: Folderit offers two-factor authentication (2FA) to enhance the security of user logins, making it more difficult for unauthorized users to gain access to your account.
  9. Secure Sharing Features: Folderit enables secure sharing of documents through password protection and expiration dates, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or data leaks.
  10. Remote Access Security: Folderit provides secure remote access to your documents, allowing your team to work from any location without compromising the security of sensitive information.


Implementing a document management system is essential for maintaining the security of your organization’s information. With its comprehensive security features and commitment to providing a secure document management solution, Folderit stands out as the best choice for businesses looking to improve their data protection and compliance efforts. Don’t leave your sensitive documents vulnerable – choose Folderit for the ultimate in secure document management.

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