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Inbox is the first of the Main Sections. All folders that you have or create in Folderit have an email address. This is a folder which celebrates it however — its email address is visible when you click on the Inbox section. Sending an email with an attachment (or several) to this address will result in having the file(s) in this Inbox. It will preserve the sender, subject and email content too, which is visible as metadata when you click on the file in Folderit. Only unformated text is supported.

Each Inbox email address is unique and you can give it to anyone who needs to send you files. The Inbox section, like any other section and folder can be made visible and usable to your selected team members as well. By default only your account administrators can access it.

IMPORTANT: When sending files to the system via email, make sure you put the folder’s address on its TO or CC field. Not to BCC field — the system would then not see the address it was sent to and can’t distribute the files into the correct folders.

This is how the Inbox works: