A truly effective storage place for document management must be:

  • Accessible
  • Secure
where to keep digital documents small business

Storing your important documents in the hard drive of your computer or on an external hard drive may seem to be accessible – you can retrieve them with a few simple clicks of a mouse – but is the location secure?  If that hard drive is in a laptop, it can be picked up as easily as a bag can be snatched!  Even a larger tower or desktop model can be stolen, hacked into or lost in a local disaster.

But, is it really “accessible” if you do not happen to be sitting at your computer?  What would you do if you were suddenly called out of the office and you had no time to take print-outs of needed documents with you?  Could you access them via your smartphone from a coffee shop?  No, you couldn’t.

Your document management needs to be both accessible and secure.  Fortunately, Folderit is both – and a whole lot more!

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