Folderit Cloud-Based Document Management System Comes To Australia Thanks to Partnership with Upstream Solutions

Now an exclusive reseller of the Folderit Document Management System (DMS) in Australia, Upstream Solutions links arms with Folderit Ltd. to help businesses securely, affordably, and simply banish antiquated procedures.

Tallinn, Estonia, European Union – May 29, 2019 – Launched today, Upstream, a Fuji Xerox Australia company, now offers the highly-rated Folderit cloud-based DMS.  Noted as the most user-friendly document management system in the world, Folderit’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) gives Australian customers an affordable standalone system. However, having left nothing out, Upstream also bundles it with their own services, offering onboarding, local support, and device integration. 

“With a very strong local partner our entrance into the Asia Pacific (or APAC)  market is an important milestone for us. After thorough collaboration, we have reached an agreement to grant Upstream exclusivity in Australian market,” said Targo Raus, the CEO of Folderit.

Thanks to Folderit’s Developer API Kit, system users will be able to scan directly to the DMS on the cloud where all data is encrypted and safely stored.  From the cloud, digital documents can be shared and managed without complications.  Into the details of daily workflow, Folderit will send reminder notifications and allow for the management of tags, signers, notes, and due dates across all devices.  Should something go awry, Folderit makes all past and present versions of each document easily recoverable.  Thus, as they make their journey through a company’s pipeline, all documents, folders, and accounts will be kept track of with precision.

Scott Crosby, the CEO of Upstream, said of the partnership, “Upstream is excited to bring Folderit to our customers. With the document management expertise of the team, Upstream is well-positioned to help SMBs who require an easy-to-manage document solution to benefit their businesses.”

Showing their dedication to small business owners nationwide, Folderit Ltd. has completed the important work of setting up an Australian datacenter.  Investing in the APAC market with a local datacenter means, the Folderit DMS can now be used with the best connection speeds possible while fully complying with AU laws.

About Upstream Solutions

Multi award winners, Upstream Solutions are experts in architecting and delivering document, content and print management for 30+ years. Partnering with industry best software, including Folderit, Upstream pioneer some of the most innovative applications of Document Management Solutions to improve efficiencies and optimise business processes.  Upstream are focused on helping businesses work smarter, digitally. For more information, visit