which document management system to chooseYou’re convinced that a document management system is the best way to go for your business, but how do you go about finding the right one? Surprisingly, it isn’t always about which one has the most to offer!

You see, sometimes bigger is not better.  In the case of choosing a document management system, “simple” is a far better solution.  After all, if a system is overcrowded with features that only a few mega-businesses use, then it’s impractical for the small business and will only bring frustration. And high costs.

Folderit is an affordable document management system designed for small to large businesses, NGOs, NPOs…  the “normal people” out there who don’t have a degree in document management – people who  don’t need the stress of a complicated system and who don’t want to pay for  features they’ll never use. Folderit provides the following:

  • Safe and secure encrypted data storage starting from 150 GB and scaling to any storage needs required
  • Approval Workflows
  • DocuSign e-signature workflows
  • Document Acknowledgement Workflows
  • Accessibility on PC, Mac, iOS, Android (and all over the world!)
  • Custom metadata with many different data types
  • File versioning
  • Adding file relations / connecting files
  • Reminders and file/folder notifications via email
  • Access management
  • Office 365 integration
  • Microsoft Entra ID & Okta integrations for SSO
  • Advanced enterprise search with OCR
  • Secure cloud storage with 256-bit encryption and triple backup
  • An Inbox for sending documents in on the go
  • Separate spaces for branch companies

Please take a moment to watch our brief video presentation to see how you can use Folderit to your benefit.