Are you planning on implementing a remote working strategy for your business? If so, you are not alone. Remote work has become quite popular nowadays, especially in the face of unplanned regular work interruptions that we are currently seeing such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the ever-increasing costs of running a business in a single physical location. Studies even show that over 50% of millennials work remotely from home at least one day a week already.

Remote working tools

As remote work becomes more popular, the need for more effective and practical remote work tools has also increased. It’s crucial for your team that’s working remotely to always maintain communication, manage the projects at hand more effectively, share their individual contributions to the project easily and quickly regardless of the time zone that each is located in, and more importantly ensure that your work and all the systems involved are 100% secure from hackers and malware at all times. 

To achieve these goals you need highly efficient and secure remote work tools. 

Why Use Remote Work Tools?

There are many reasons why businesses need to have the most reliable remote working tools and software. While many people think that an email address and a phone connection will be enough, you actually need more apps to enhance workflow and productivity. 

You can, and should of course, use basic tools such as email, telephone, and communication tools like Skype to stay in touch with your company and colleagues from a remote location. But you also essentially need tools for centralised storage and file sharing. 

Remote work tools come with a host of benefits including the following:

  1. Fast and Effective Communication 

Teams working remotely understand the importance of having fast and effective communication. With the right remote work software, you will be able to stay in constant touch with your company, colleagues, project team members, and employees from wherever they are in a much quicker and more convenient way. Communication is critically important in any collaborative project.

Folderit cloud document management system software for SMBs is a perfect tool for remote working teams. The online document management system software allows team members working in different locations to remotely share, access, manage, approve, and store digital documents in a more efficient, safe, and secure way. 

All the data stored in the Folderit cloud repository is 100% safe because it is triple backed up and encrypted with bank-level encryption protocols. The data is also sent or transferred through a secure SSL layer for additional security.

  1. More Efficient Project Management

Remote work tools provide a more efficient way to manage on-going projects among different team members located in different places. Project management is not a simple task. You need to coordinate people, work within stipulated budgets, and meet deadlines for the project to succeed. Remote working tools help you to effectively manage your project and achieve your desired goals. 

Folderit provides a wide range of tools and functionalities to help you manage your project effectively, such as the following:

  • Document Sharing with User Groups and Public Links

With Folderit, you can storage files centrally and access from anywhere. You can share documents, folders, whole or parts of an account with other members of your team with different permissions such as Edit, Preview & Download, or Preview-only. 

You can even audit trail logs of each document including previews and downloads. This effective management of document sharing for user groups and public links helps you to identify every action taken by members of your team on the system.

  • Notifications and Audit Trails

The Folderit cloud document management software allows you to set up automatic notifications that alert you when changes are made to your documents and folders by other members of the team. 

For instance, if someone elsewhere deletes something from a file or adds a new file or content, you will instantly be notified and told exactly who did what and at what time. 

  • Mobile-Friendly Document Management System

As a truly reliable and versatile remote working software, the Folderit DMS is 100% mobile-friendly. The system can be accessed from any PC, Mac, and iOS or Android tablet and smartphone wherever there is an Internet connection. 


Remote work solutions such as Folderit are designed to increase productivity by allowing employees and team members to easily and quickly collaborate and accomplish tasks from diverse locations. 

Folderit DMS and other remote work tools help to supercharge workflow and increase productivity.