Document management vendor
Document management vendor

A document management vendor is a company that sells a product that manages documents and often sells space for managing documents as well. Folderit is a cloud-based document management company that also acts as the document management vendor.

Of course, the system they are vending is our own – which is quite understandable.

Are You New to Folderit?

If you are new to Folderit, perhaps we should take a minute to explain what it is and what it does. Folderit helps you store, manage and access your documents – your way. You can upload digital documents, or you can scan and upload copies of paper documents. They are sent to a folder system – which you set up to match your business functions. The folder system is kept in an encrypted cloud system. We won’t say it is infallible – those are famous last words for any IT system – but we do think is it reasonably secure. Through the use of passwords, you can even set up levels of access for your employees or associates.


You can download a copy of your information at any time, to store in a secure, offline location. Although in our cloud, your data is triple-backed-up. By keeping your own backup copy, and using our cloud system, you make your data both secure and accessible. With the 2018 predictions of likelihood of increased cyber attacks for all businesses, this is of paramount importance to anyone who does business using the Internet.

One Stop Shopping

What this means for you, the company or manager who has documents that need to be stored, filed, cared for, and made accessible, is that you have a one-stop shopping situation. You can purchase an excellent document management system while gaining access to flexible, reliable storage. All this is obtainable by visiting the Folderit website and using our online ordering system. In just a few short minutes, you can have a document management system that is available to you from anywhere at any time. This is a marvelous convenience if you are dealing with a workforce that is collaborating from halfway around the globe.

Varying Levels of Subscription

As a document management vendor, Folderit offers three levels of subscription. The first allows you to try the cloud-based storage system before you buy, the second is a mid-level that is just right for small businesses, and the third allows you to upgrade as your business grows.

Level I – Free Trial

First, you can try out Folderit Pro Platinum, for free, for thirty days. That lets you experience our best level of use without spending a dime. You can try out setting up folders, creating passwords for different levels of access, set up a project or two, and experiment with setting deadlines and reminder notices for the projects. No one loves to buy a pig in a poke, so we like to let the cat out of the bag long before you purchase.

Level II – Silver

This is for teams/collaborators of up to 20 people and add the convenience feature of previewing documents right in the system, without the need of downloading them first. You will also get storage of 500 GB.

Level III – Gold

At the Pro Gold Yearly level, you get everything that is offered at the previews levels. In addition, you will be able to collaborate with up to 50 people and have one terabyte storage, the ability to create approval workflows, and the opportunity to utilize file previews. It is easy to upgrade from the Bronze or Silver level to Gold if your business grows to a level that requires more space and more complexity than was earlier needed.

Level IV – Platinum

This is the where you can add up to 200 collaborators, have twice the sorage amount of the Gold plan — a whopping 5 TB –, have all the features Folderit offers or will ever offer. Yes, the coolest new features will mostly be present in this plan.

Folderit is The Document Management Vendor

Folderit is the last document management vendor you will ever need, because we do it all. We provide a flexible system that you can tailor to your business needs. You can name the folders, add metadata, create tags, and in general fit the storage for the information to your needs. By adding your own metadata and tags, you can make your documents easily locatable with a keyword search – a far easier proposition than setting up a data crawl that examines the words inside a document. We can do that, too, of course, but it is far more time-consuming. We can also improve communication for collaboration, making it easier for your team members to trade documents, comments, and corrections.

Saving Time, Improving Communication, and at a Reasonable cost

There you have it. Folderit as the document management vendor saves you time, improves communication and has the potential to improve your workflow. That’s money in your pocket because lost time in business is lost money. No middleman. No outside tech needed. Just you and us, making your business run more smoothly.

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