Document management system for utilities

Document management system for utilities

While document management is a well-known business application, the average citizen might not commonly consider document management for utilities. Utility companies store and need access to a broad array of information ranging from individual usage and billing to geographic and property ownership information. This even includes sewers or other septic measures. Resources are valuable, so document management for oil and gas, as well as for electricity and sewage, are a vital part of community efficiency.

Historical Information 

Document management for utilities not only tracks day-to-day operations, but it is also is used to access and store historical information about various locations – including getting the broad picture of operations in general. Historical information can be exceptionally useful when planning improvements or providing information for prospective real estate buyers.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Gas, water, electricity and sewage services do not arrive at homes without assistance from human hands. Work crews and supplies are essential parts of keeping a utility system up and running. This means the generation of many sorts of documents – including payroll, supplies purchases, records of last repair or maintenance runs and trouble spots, such as that pole on the dead man’s curve. Generating a history of repeat repairs can both provide data for stockpiling supplies, such as extra poles for that pole that keeps getting taken out by wild traffic or for developing a creative engineering solution to prevent repetition.

Human Resources

Utility companies tend to be major employers. Even a small company in a tiny town has clerks, IT specialists, accountants, and lawyers in addition to the workers who go out into all sorts of weather to keep the lights and the water going. Employees means payroll, retirement funds, liability insurance, individual insurance, employment insurance, workman’s compensation and all the other sorts of tracking that goes with a large workforce, such as might be needed for document management for oil and gas, or for city or county utilities.

Document management for utilities

Document management for utilities

Document Management System for Utilities

The computer age has brought many solutions for document and records storage. One of the most recent and exciting solutions is cloud storage for all sorts of objects, including company generated documents. This is where Folderit, a cloud document management company that comes in. You can generate information using electronic forms – this can include employee documents, usage and more. Or you can scan print documents for storage in digital format.


A document management for utilities system must not only be a place where documents are easily stored, they must also be retrievable. For each document stored, you can provide metadata, such as who has access to a folder, the information in it, and tags to make it easily searchable. You can customize your metadata to include the categories and types of information needed for your company. You can also customize the tags. In addition, Folderit provides keyword searching – although this might be a somewhat slower process than quickly accessing tags or folder headings.

Folder Management

Your Folderit system comes with some pre-made folders, but you can, of course, rename the folders for your operational needs, and you can add folders. This allows flexibility and customization for your system. Folders can be shared, so your collaborators can add files to it as well if you choose so! And only the people you choose: this protects the privacy rights of your employees and your customers. Subfolders containing items that require continuous use or for projects can be added to broad categories, using a combination of that flexibility that’s so important in modern business, as well as confidentiality.

Document Generation

Documents for storage in Folderit can be generated in a variety of ways. They can be created using forms that translate into spreadsheets, or paper documents that can be scanned and saved in the appropriate folders. The documents can be created from PCs, tablets or even mobile phones. Each document can be assigned metadata appropriate to your business and the transaction.

Folderit for Your Utility Company

Folderit is a customizable cloud storage system that uses folders to store your vital information in an encrypted, passworded system. It not only provides protected storage, but it makes your company information easily accessible from nearly any location with any Internet-capable device.