What exactly is Digital Transformation?

To survive and prosper in today’s world, enterprises must shake things up and embrace digital transformation as part of the changes and improvements in digital technology. The process of employing digital technology to transition from manual to automated systems is known as digital transformation or digitalization. Many businesses use document management software to automate and streamline company procedures.

Companies that refuse to evolve and continue to rely on printed paper for signature approvals, document editing, and team collaboration are intrinsically less likely to outperform and reach the top of their potential. Without improved document management, such modifications would be impossible.

Folderit document management software enables businesses to reconsider how they handle papers. Companies that transition from paper-based to automated processes do more than merely digitize paper documents and improve productivity, whether they’re working with invoices, expense reports, purchase orders, or employee-onboarding forms.

What Does Digital Document Transformation Mean for Your Company?

Document Scanning and Capture

The first and most significant procedure is document digitization, which entails scanning documents and profiling and indexing them. With Folderit document scanning solutions, you can simply replace wasteful paper-based activities with digital documents and use them to automate your business processes. Folderit’s powerful OCR technology can discover and capture the most valuable information from paper documents, PDFs, or picture files, and convert it into highly structured, useable, and searchable data.

Access Documents Anywhere at Anytime

The capacity to access papers from anywhere is the most powerful motivator for a digital transformation of documents. The days of safely accessing and collaborating on documents from the office are long gone. Employees around the world can now remotely access their documents from anywhere at any time using a regular web browser or mobile application, without sacrificing security, thanks to Folderit’s web version.

Document Workflow and Automated Work Processes

Workflow is a critical step in ensuring an organization’s digital transition and gaining a competitive advantage. Folderit’s document management software offers workflow automation features with its ‘Make’ integration that makes numerous document approval procedures simpler, faster, and more error-free. This saves time, improves efficiency, and frees up team members to work on higher-value tasks.

Sign Documents with Digital Signatures.

Signatures on papers such as forms, correspondences, contracts, and so on govern major document operations. Because of the requirement for faster approvals from senior management to fulfill progressively shorter deadlines, the digital signature has emerged. Folderit’s DocuSign integration enables easy Digital Signatures and approval-based workflow, which is one of the quickest ways to advance a company’s digital transformation. Digital signatures help to automate the manual process of obtaining signatures for contracts, approvals, or any other document that requires a signature; e-signatures are a quick and easy process for senders and signers.

Use Dynamic Web e-Forms to Dollect Information.

For years, paper forms have been used to collect data because they are straightforward and simple. However, it is difficult and expensive to print, sluggish to fill out, and if returned, can be incomplete and difficult to read. As a result, the information is incorrect, and processes are delayed. Folderit document management software has a web e-Forms tool for replacing paper forms with simple-to-create web forms that can be embedded on intranets or public websites. Users can customize online forms to meet their own business needs. Completed forms can then be submitted and routed electronically to the repository, where they are securely archived for future access and processing.

How do you create a roadmap for digital transformation?

If your firm is ready to start work on digital transformation, you’ll need a plan to get there. Although each company’s approach is unique, let’s look at the important elements of a successful start.

Determine the Procedure

First, determine which processes can benefit from digitization. Your team’s tenacity can be a useful factor here.

Define your Goals.

Several advantages of digital transformation have already been explored. What is your goal? If your goals and objectives aren’t clear then work on them.

Choose the Best Solutions

Make sure you’ve put enough money into your digital transformation efforts and that you’re using the best tools. Multifunctional tools are the most cost-effective solution. Folderit, for example, is a document management application that also functions as a platform for easy communication and team productivity.

Team Training

Finally, the success of your endeavor will be determined by the stakeholders. Communicate the benefits of digital transformation to your staff and solicit input from them.

Post-Launch Nurturing

Success in digital transformation does not happen immediately. Check that you are up to date on digital principles and best practices. Ongoing professional development and the use of current technologies have a significant impact on your company’s culture and the retention of people, so it’s a win-win situation.

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