We have meticulously searched to find out which is the cheapest document management software (DMS). Are others priced higher, lower or the same? And, it sure looks like Folderit DMS has done something incredible.

First of all, we do not charge the main account for each full-access user in terms of files and functions. It’s enough when an organization creates one paid account, and every employee or partner who needs to use all or parts of it registers FREE accounts for themselves. And, secondly, the fixed price is unexpectedly low.

For a yearly plan, an organization pays a fixed monthly price of 19 € (approx. $20) for 15 users. Even if it was per one user, it’s not that much, but who would offer a plan so affordable for a whole15 users? Well, us. Since for us that sounds the most logical.

Why is Folderit’s Cloud Document Management System so Cheap?

Good question! We’re glad you asked.
Would it be a lot to pay that same price of 19 € per month for an awesome document management software but per person? We believe it’s perfectly reasonable and even on the inexpensive side. For that sum, our customers gets document sharing, approval workflows, version control, reminders, file/folder alerts, metainfo, roles with a unique e-mail addresses taht allow sending e-mail attachments directly into the system, local backups and an incredibly secure place to keep the documents. They are stored in huge and super-safe server farms of a major company called Amazon (perhaps you have heard of them!) in Ireland. The files are stored in an encrypted form (one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard) and sent to and from there via secure SSL protocol, like what banks use. For 19 €, it’s a lot, right?

DokumendihaldustarkvaraThe only limit on the cheapest tier of Folderit is that  you get up to 500 GB for your data per paying account. By our statistics, the average document takes up a measly 170 kB. That is 0.00017 GB. So, you can store about 3 million similar documents on your paying account. That’s almost one and a half million. For digital documents, 500 GB is a lot of storage. And you know what? If you really need more, then just let us know, and we will make it happen. Reasonable and humane approach.

Now this 250 GB is a unified storage for everyone who has permissions to use that one shared paying account.  Everyone uses the same amount of storage, and in that regard, for us, technically it is as if there was only one person utilizing it, even if there’s actually many more. Sure, the server load goes up and our direct expenses with it, but we just absorb that and it’s not held against you and the price does not increase.

Services like cloud DMS are usually priced per user, but not ours. Even the usual cloud storage services that don’t have the sophisticated features that make Folderit an excellent document management system are priced per user. And if one user shares a folder with another, the amount of storage the folder or file takes up will count against both accounts. The file/folder will take up room from the one who shared it and from the one that it was shared to. It seems greedy and unnecessary.

Folderit’s Cloud Document Management System has been created from the ground up to be unique, more user-friendly and more affordable. And we are so very proud that we have succeeded in creating it!

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