In case you haven’t noticed, the world of digital technology has taken over just about every aspect of our lives, including in the workplace. But even as companies increasingly go digital with their data organization, many are still stuck at baby step #1 in effective content management.

The thing is, failing to move forward in innovative data and document management can be a slippery slope. Your company just can’t afford not to incorporate up-to-date methods and systems that are designed specifically with effective business in mind. Forget about the free cloud-based services that barely even scratch the surface for what your company needs, and don’t expect using a bunch of different document management platforms together to work effectively.

Consider the following situations; if any of them apply to you, it’s about high-time you make the jump into a data organization update.

1. You’re Wasting Time with Disorganized Files and no proper document management software

We all know how important organization is to a more streamlined and effective work environment. But if you or your colleagues are taking forever to shift through files to find the ones in question, there’s a problem. Whether you’ve got way too many files to start with, or the documents are being used on a variety of platforms, the entire file location process will wind up being cumbersome. And that does nothing for effective use of time.

If this sounds even vaguely familiar, things need to improve. And that’s exactly where an online document management software comes into the picture. With such a system in place, you can quickly and easily locate any digital file in a number of ways, be it by keywords, signers, notes, title or, of course, file name, and so on. The days of wasting time manually tracking down files will quickly disappear.

2. You Can’t Access Files Remotely

These days, more and more work takes place outside the four walls of company buildings. Whether executives are across the pond at international meetings, or employees are working remotely, the ability to access files from wherever company colleagues happen to be is essential.

If the only way for your company’s files to be accessed is by physically pulling them from a filing cabinet or local workplace computer, you’re way behind. Not only is this a major hassle, it also affects your business’s productivity and profitability.

What your organization needs is a system that allows employees and management to pull up any digital file from any mobile device, and from any location. This allows everyone to have the right tools they need at their fingertips, and the ability to constantly remain in-the-know.

3. Data Security is Compromised

This is a biggie. Data breaches are quickly becoming a major crisis in business, and for good reason: they can easily cost a company its reputation, as well as its profits. Any sensitive documents that are either stolen, accidentally modified, or lost altogether can wreak havoc for any business. If your data organization currently lacks any means of data security, you need to get on board with current online platforms that meet and exceed security standards.

That means making it impossible for ne’er-do-wells to hack into your files, encrypting the data, and tracking any and all movement that’s made in the system. This type of surveillance is invaluable to an organization, especially when the success of the business is on the line.

4. Your Task Processes Are Out of Whack

Nobody wants to have to jump over hurdle after hurdle in the workplace just to get one task done. And no one wants to miss a deadline simply because they overlooked important tasks.

If you’re depending on your computer’s calendar to remind you of specific dates and jobs, or even go so far as to plaster sticky notes all over your desk to jog your memory, you’re certainly living in the past.

With an effective online document management software in place, you can ditch that pile of sticky pads and that desktop calendar. Instead, your workflow can become much more streamlined as you will be notified of all of your documents in a timely manner.

You can even find files with meta data if you forget their names, and can access and share the files from wherever you are, and on whatever computer or device you happen to be using. With document management platforms that are completely online, you don’t have to worry about connecting to a specific server, since nothing needs to be installed.

If the data organization system you’re using now doesn’t offer you these options, perhaps it’s time to start looking for one that does.

If any of these 4 scenarios sound familiar, then it’s time to implement a cutting-edge document management software from Folderit today.