Personal Document Management System Software for Home

When it comes to personal documents, it’s best to keep your head in the clouds. Keeping things on physical media can invite disaster. From data corruption to loss and even theft, your documents are only as safe as long as they are in your possession. If you want a better type of safety, you should move your documents to the cloud. Folderit’s Personal Document Management Software for Home will give you everything you need to keep your documents safe and increase your personal productivity.


Safety and Security
Are you worried about the safety of your data? With Folderit’s personal document Management system you don’t have to be. All of your information is stored securely on the cloud, and even the company itself can’t see what you have there. The extra layer of SSL protection means that you can rest safely knowing that your personal documents are safe from attack.

Share Your Documents
Sharing documents at the press of a button is one of the best features of personal document cloud­based storage. Folderit takes things a step further by giving you more control over what you share, and with whom. All of your documents can be shared and secured at your discretion, and you don’t have to give another user access to everything to share one document.

A Personal E­Mail Address
Having a personal e­mail to deal with your own projects is a great way to make sure important messages don’t get caught in your social media spam. A private, individualized e­mail address will be generated just for you so you can keep track of all the important changes to your documents.

Track the Versions
If you’ve ever made a change in a document that you have regretted, you know how important it is to keep track of different versions of a document. Whether you need to see who made important changes to your data or you just want to be able to recover older versions of your document, the system will allow you to access the data you need when you need it.

Get Reminders
Everyone needs help remembering. With FolderIt Document Management Software, you can set important reminders for your documents. Don’t depend on outside calendars on which you cannot rely ­ use the same cloud service that contains your documents to keep yourself on track. Reminders can help you to increase your productivity.

Search Your Data
Need to find something quick? You can search your data with a variety of filters, helping you to find what you need quickly. You can even tag documents with metatags to help make sure that you’ll always find what you need when you need it.

Accessible Everywhere
You’re not chained to your desk, so why keep files chained to your desktop computer? With FolderIt’s Personal Document Management System you can access your home based files when you need them. Whether you are using a desktop, a tablet or even a mobile phone, you can access your data and make changes on the fly.

Backup Options
Don’t quite trust the cloud? That’s okay. FolderIt allows you to make unlimited local backups of your data. This means you can double your back­ups while still using the same great system. It’s never too late to think about how your will backup your backups.