Personal Document Management System Software for Home

Personal Document Management System Software for Home

As people, we want to improve ourselves continuously and consistently. This improvement might manifest in some physical change, or cerebral development, or perhaps just to find a way to simplify an increasingly complicated life.

There is an app for everything. However, free solutions give you exactly what you pay for. Free apps are essentially performance throttled previews with limited functionality that display more ads than the actual app.

To overcome that hurdle, you need a solution that delivers consistent, unfettered performance throughout your usage without holding your progress hostage behind pay walls. For that, Folderit is a fantastic Personal Document Management Software solution.

Folderit can help optimize your life in (but not limited to):

  • Personal document  management
  • Brainstorming with collaborators
  • Making long-term and short-term plans
  • Building better habits
  • Working and managing personal projects

Habit Building through Personal Document Management software

Regardless of one’s position on self-help or self-improvement, it is almost universal to want to develop better habits. This could mean getting rid of habits one might consider bad (like, say recovering from addiction), or it could mean adding new ones (like, say getting healthier).

You can handle all that from within Folderit. Especially if you are part of a community that is trying to build similar habits to yours. You can create a document to track your progress and share it to a secure folder. You can even give read-only access to your sponsor, or whoever is support you are counting on. You can even buddy up with others who might want to develop good habits with you. Or perhaps you can collaborate with your life partner to manage your daily affairs. 

Staying Safe

The greatest challenge with many free platforms is that news spreads of sensitive user information leaking all over the web. That is not something you need to concern yourself with in Folderit. For starters, Folderit’s own team cannot view client data. To really make a point, Folderit is protected under 256-bit bank-level encryption, which would take modern computers billions of years to crack. Not only is it safely stored, it is safe to transfer as all communications take place using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. 

If you choose to rely a physical device or a free solution with this data, then they are only as safe and secure as the medium. A hack or acts of nature could bereave you of your entire life’s work. To prevent against those eventualities Folderit keeps your data backed up in triplicate in different locations, so you know you are not going to lose any important content.

Household Management

If you are running a household on a budget, then it behooves you to manage that budget with all responsible adults in on the list. Folderit lets you integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and collaborate with all your connected users using a centralized storage solution. 

You can keep a centralized Microsoft Excel Sheet to manage your expenses, tasks, chores, etc. that is shared with all the housemates/family members. Certain members, like children or guests, can be granted read-only access, while contributors can have complete access. 

Folderit gives you audit trails that keep track of which user accessed which file and when, that will help you keep an honest accounting of how your files are being used. 

Similarly, if you are writing a novel, or working on a pitch with someone, you can collaborate with them in real-time using Folderit. 

Managing your entire paper trail

Personal document management software is more than just putting a few files together to collaborate on. It is a platform designed to be both safe and reliable. To that end, you can store a digital record of each and every important even and document in your life. 

Although in today’s red-tape laden society, a physical record is still required. However, having a digital backup can give you the assurance that you are covered for almost all eventualities. 

You can digitize your degrees, medical records, deeds, bonds, agreements, etc. and keep a backup on Folderit for use while keeping the originals in as safe a location as possible.


Whether you use Folderit’s automatic approval system to get plans approved for your dream home, or if you are simply trying to get through life a little more efficiently, Folderit serves as a complete solution for all your personal document management needs.

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