Default Metadata Fields

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Default Metadata Fields

There are 7 default metadata fields already in place whenever you upload a file to Folderit. You can see the file’s metadata when clicking on it. The data on the fields is thoroughly searchable with as-you-type instant search. The default fields are:

  1. Title — displays the file name and can be changed. Changing the title this will change the file name.
  2. Notes — a field for longer texts that describe the document or its content. Adding websites with full address (http://…., https://…) will make the links active after saving.
  3. Tags — keywords that you can add to the file. After each keyword type comma ‘ , ‘ . This will turn the words into a keyword.
  4. Signed by — if the document has someone’s signature and you want to make it findable with search or simply need to have it shown out at a glance, you can add the signers names to this field. After each name type comma ‘ , ‘ .
  5. Document ID — the system automatically generates a unique number for each uploaded document. You can use it to refer to files, to associate files or use with your own registries.
  6. Date — you can pick a date of the document.
  7. Due Date — you can pick a due date for the document. It is for your reference only.

To fill in those metadata fields click on a file and choose ‘Modify’ from the toolbar.
Need your own custom fields? Learn how to add custom metadata fields on folder level and on single file level!

Here’s a video overview of how to use metadata in Folderit: