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Creating User Groups

User groups are the simplest way to grant access to your resources in Folderit to a number of people at once. You first create a user group, then assign your existing users to it and share any file, folder, section or the whole account to this group. Any changes in group’s access to resources will affect all the people in this user group. The same user can belong to several user groups at once.

To create a user group:

  1. Log in as an account administrator
  2. Locate Admin Tools panel on the left side, under the Main Sections
  3. Click on “Manage User Groups”
  4. Click on the blue “Create User Group” button if this is your first user group.
    Otherwise the blue button is missing and you can click on the “+Group” button on the toolbar.
  5. Choose a descriptive name for the group (for example: Accountants, Management, Project Team, All Employees, etc)
  6. Click ‘Create’ button

After you have created the user group, you are taken in it to start adding users.