Data Storage for Scientific Research Projects

Secure Storage for Your Research Project

Your research projects need a good data management plan (DMP) and policy and a big part of that is a secure and accessible plaform for your research documentation and data. A platform that preserves the data privacy by allowing only people you select to access it and records an audit log from each time an access occurs — among others file previews and downloads are logged. You can see precisely who accessed the file and when. Managing research projects online got much easier!

Sharing Research Data

Sharing data between research group is easy. Folderit allows storing and sharing different types of data and even large raw data files of up to 50 GB per file. Add collaborators and choose if they can access a certain file or whole projects with Upload-Only, Preview-Only, Preview & Download or Edit permissions. You can also make some data publicly available by activating public links which you can share on your reserach project’s website, e-mails or social media. You can set an expiration to any access.


Metadata allows you to describe all your data files to add context and make them easily findable. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows searching from within files even if text appears on a photo or a screenshot of a document.

Data Retention

You can automate deletion of delicate and personal research data, setting a retention period in specific folders.

Easy Grant Application Approval Process

Approval workflow is excellent to use for grant application preparation processes to receive approval from all decision makers before submitting your grant application. If the documents need to be signed, our built-in DocuSign workflows are ready to use.

Great for Publication Preparation

Before submitting your research article to publications, you need to make it perfect. Version history and collaborative tools are excellent for getting everyone’s ideas together and preparing the final subission.

All the project’s information from grant applications, approvals to raw data and results can be managed, stored and archived in Folderit with ease.

Folderit DMS is excellent for independent and interdisciplinary research projects for online data curation, storage and sharing of your scientific research data.

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