Best Cloud Storage for Business in the UK

Best cloud Storage for Business UK

What makes the best cloud storage for (small) business in the United Kingdom? Pretty much the same things that everywhere. With one detail to keep in mind — you probably want to have your data stored nearby. Not in the US or India, not in Beijing or Tokyo, no matter how much fun it would be to travel there for work or vacation. A server nearby means faster upload & download speeds as one important benefit! Not to mention many others.

Here’s a list of cloud storage features that a UK business should keep in mind when choosing the best. This is what you want as a UK business from your cloud storage provider:

Cloud Storage for Business Data Security:

  • SSL connections
  • Encrypted storage
  • Backups (in the cloud and locally)
  • Granulated access control
  • Audit logs for any changes anyone has made and any files anyone has accessed
  • Automated Retention

Cloud Storage for Business Functions:

  • Easy bulk upload and data syncing
  • Advanced search functions, including OCR content indexing
  • Custom Metadata as an option
  • Fast uploads/downloads

And you really want the datacenter to be in the United Kindom or Ireland for faster connections and general peace of mind. So, as you might have suspected, Folderit covers all of that. And more. The most user-friendly file and document management system is the perfect and best cloud storage for businesses in UK. With its strong security, ease of use and affordable prices, you really don’t need to look further.

So you could be absolutely certain, we offer you a 14 days free trial! So sign up here and give Folderit a run: