Engineering Document Management System Software

A quality engineering document management system should be all about two things - efficiency and redundancy. While keeping your office paperless can help you to keep things more efficient, you'll still need help in the redundancy department. Issues like hard drive failure, natural disasters or even a flood in the server room can lead to data loss. Even when your data is safe, you still might need to access it from a remote site, something you may not be able to do with your office's current data solution. That's where Folderit comes in - giving you the features you need to keep your data safe and accessible.


When your data is in the cloud, it's encrypted - and that means no one without authorization can access it. Not unauthorized employees, not competitors - not even us. Feel secure in the knowledge that no one can access our document management software without your permission.

Backing Up Locally and in the Cloud

While having a cloud back-up is always a good idea, there's nothing quite like being able to hold on to a copy yourself. That's why Folderit allows you to download your data from any location. It's the best of both worlds.

Power Searching

When you need to find your files, you don't have time to look through the data manually. Folderit provides a search function that allows you to search by document name, meta-data, and tags. Find your data when you need it most with our search technology.

Data Tracking

You need to track your data to stay on top of your engineering projects, so let Folderit help. By providing the ability to edit metadata and add tags, you can better sort your information for future searches. You can even track changes in your documents so you always know what's going on.

Dedicated E-Mail

Every authorized user for Folderit receives a dedicated e-mail account, allowing you to keep up with important information while you work. By separating your storage address from your primary work address, you can stay on top of any important changes to your data.

Universal Access

When you need access to your data, you don't always have time to go back to the office. That's why Folderit provides you with universal access to your stored files - whether you're in the office, on your smartphone or working remotely, you'll have access to the files you need.


Set and get automatic notifications for changes in documents, folders or sections as often as you choose.

Document Sharing

Many of your important documents will require that you work with others, so Folderit makes it easy to share your stored documents. All it takes is a few clicks of a button to make sure that everyone on your project has equal access to your files.


Need to be reminded of important project dates? Folderit can help. With multiple alarms available, you can always stay ahead of your work. Set up alarms to help your remember important dates ahead of time to stay one step ahead.

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Paperless records management is a clear and easy part of everyday business for many companies and organizations worldwide. For those who have chosen Folderit DMS.
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