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Uploading Files

You can upload any file to Folderit, what ever is its format — and up to 50 GB per single file is accepted.

Here are the different ways you can onboard your data:

  • Click on ‘Upload’ or drag and drop your files into the system
  • Upload a ZIP file with large data structures and uncompress in Folderit
  • Use the Folderit Sync for Windows application
  • Send them to any folder in your system via email (folder’s email address can be activated from the footer of every folder). IMPORTANT: If you have enabled SPF on your email server, make sure you have allowed sending emails from the device that you use to forward files to Folderit. Use only TO: and CC: fields to send, not BCC:.
  • Upload a ZIP file with large data structures and uncompress in Folderit. Keep each ZIP file to max 500 MB and max 500 files in one.
  • Use our SFTP solution (contact us for details)
  • Use our API to create your own onboarding solution

The e-mail (for low volumes) and SFTP (for high volumes) are good ways to get scanned files from scanner to the system.

To upload files, click either on the ‘Upload’ button or drag files directly to the browser window. You can upload files one-by-one or multiple (even hundreds) at a time. To upload folders, click on the arrow on ‘UPLOAD’ button and choose ‘Upload a Folder’. If you have a lot of folders and sub-folder, upload a ZIP file with your folder structure and uncompress it in Folderit!

You can also import files via email, by sending them as an attachment to any folder. You can find each folder’s e-mail address from its footer.