Folderit Sync

Folderit Sync is a Windows desktop application that enables easy file syncing between your computer and the Folderit cloud.

Folderit’s companion app Sync is in public beta testing and can have issues depending on your system configuration. Use the main system for assured quality.

The software will create a special folder on your system, like a mounted drive. I will reflect the exact folder structure of your Folderit account and files/folders you add there will be uploaded to corresponding locations on your Folderit online account. And vice versa! — any file uploaded to your online account will be downloaded to your Folderit folder on your Windows machine.

  • Of course, only the files and folders you have access to, will be synced.
  • If you modify an existing file on your computer, the updated file will be saved as as new version and earlier versions can be seen under ‘Other Versions’ section in web application
  • Your organization’s main user needs an active Folderit subscription for syncing to work for users

Download and install Folderit Sync software on your Windows computer.
You need to have a Folderit user account to use this app.

What will be synced?

Everything you have access to on your Folderit account with VIEWER or EDITOR permission. Files that have been shared to you with Preview-Only permission are not synced to your computer and can only be viewed online. Making changes is only possible within the folders or to the files that you have EDITOR permission for.

Remember that just like with Folderit online system, you can only add files under the Main Sections and into their sub-folders.
The files you add to higher level than that will not be synced to Folderit. If you have any questions, then please contact us!