Document Storage Services

Companies that deal with large volumes of local/offline data can attest to the fact that data management can be a logistics nightmare. Storing your documents on a Network, Portable HDD, USB Thumb drives, R/RW Blu-ray Discs, etc. means you are at risk of theft, physical damage, fire damage, human error, or even random acts of nature. If somehow you avoid all those, you will still have to keep your data updated, manage separate ledgers for who gets what level of access, and contend with limited collaboration options. All those problems go away when you bring your content to Folderit’s document storage services

Better Than Local

The more locations your data exists in, the more complex your management system becomes. Keeping multiple backups, even if protected against other risks, will still become a sizeable undertaking when an update is due. You will need to keep track of the old to ensure there is no conflict with the new and it gets increasingly harder in larger volumes.

You can avoid all that by using Folderit’s centralized document storage services as it lets you manage all your files and folders from a single window. Folderit’s document storage services overcome local/distributed storage issues by using a hyper-secure cloud storage that uses a triple-backed up, 256-bit bank-level encryption, that transfers only through encrypted SSL. That means your data is secure from any unauthorized access while giving anyone anywhere in the world with a web-enabled device the ability to collaborate with anyone else. 

File Control

Folderit is designed with the idea that you should be in complete control of your content and nobody else. You can set varying degrees of permission levels for users or user-groups to access your documents as you see fit. 

Also, you get to set up file retention. You have the ability to set an automatic expiry date for a file or folders on your system. This can be useful in legal, or personal matters when you only need a document to exist for a certain amount of time. You don’t have to risk managing separate reminders for this task, it will be binned as soon as your designated timeline expires. With the use of audit-trails, you get a history of who has accessed your documents at what time, you can be certain that your protected documents are being accessed only by your approval.

On top of all that, you can control file versions that carry through unified metadata that you may restore to an older version if you need to.

Versatile Storage on Document Storage Services

Folderit gives you the option to upload a single file of up to 50GB, in any format. Businesses involved in video editing, high-res medical imaging, big data analytics, and similar operations that handle massive files usually have to trust physical storage, FTP, or transfer files in smaller chunks to be reassembled later. This compromises your data’s security, integrity, and exposes you to loss and damage. You can overcome all of that when you switch to Folderit’s document storage services.

If your line of work/industry absolutely necessitates a local backup, then Folderit gives you the flexibility to download your entire library of files and folders. You can also keep your files on local computer in sync with the cloud archive with our Folderit Sync application.

Easier to locate

When you manage your documents distributed on multiple platforms, or locally through your OS, you have to keep track of which documents are located where. Your search capabilities are as limited as the platform you are on. However, Folderit lets you configure metadata, as well as custom metadata, so you can configure your document(s) in as much detail as you want. On top of that, Folderit lets you search using optical character recognition (OCR). OCR helps you identify characters from read-only content like images, scans, PDFs, et al. this lets you find content that you would otherwise have to locate manually.


There might exist a bunch of solutions, the combination of which could cover most of your use-cases, but that is needlessly complex especially when Folderit covers all your needs from a centralized, secure, safe and convenient with the flexibility to work how you want it to work, you have a document storage service you can trust to get the job done right. 

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