Construction Project Document Management System Software

Good construction project management system software should follow some of the same key principles that construction firms have come to rely upon. The software should provide safety, redundancy, and flexibility ­ all while allow you to work in an environment that is conducive to getting the job done. With FolderIt, you'll have a chance to store your documents and access them from the cloud. This not only provides you with the security your business needs, but the flexibility and ease­of­use that it deserves. With FolderIt, you'll be able to take your project management tasks to an entirely new level without sacrificing any of the stability you need to stay in the game. FolderIt's service includes:

Local and Cloud BackUp

Redundancy is key when it comes to backing up your important files. While FolderIt’s construction document management system provides secure and reliable cloud storage, we also understand that you might need to keep data on hand. That's why we make it easy for you to store your data locally and upload it from your location.

Multiple Roles and Document Sharing

Not everyone on your construction team needs to have the same level of access to every document. That's why we allow you to set multiple roles and give varying levels of access to different members of your team. Share as little or as much as you think is valuable, and change levels of access on the fly. You'll have the tools you need to make sure your team gets the information necessary for their projects.

Workflow Approval

Need to approve work by your subordinates? FolderIt’s construction document management software has you covered. You can invite team members to add comments, and you can approve them with the press of a button. No more waiting for people to come to you ­ get everything done on the cloud without wasting time.

Two Layers of Security

Cloud storage removes the possibility of on­site theft or data loss. While this is a great way to make sure your data stays secure, FolderIt’s system takes things a step further by locking your data behind an SSL layer. This means that your files are just as secure online as they are in the physical world.

Project Reminders

Need help keeping your team on task? FolderIt’s construction document management software has project reminders that help you to coordinate across your teams so you can get the job done effectively and efficiently. These simple reminders are great for increasing accountability as well as productivity, as everyone with access to your data will have the same access to your reminders.


Set and get automatic notifications for changes in documents, folders or sections as often as you choose.

Total Accessibility

Need access on the go? FolderIt has you covered. Whether you need to access your data from your mobile phone, your tablet or even a remote work site, you have all the same powers out of the office as you do at home.

Tracking Changes

With FolderIt real­time management software you can track the changes to your documents as they happen. This means learning exactly who is doing what, and making sure that everything stays on task no matter where you are. With document version tracking, it's easy to get rid of changes or create multiple project documents after changes have been made.

Data Search

Need to find something quick? FolderIt has document search tools to make sure you can find exactly what you need. With advanced tagging systems and sensitive search filters, finding individual items in your documents is easier than ever.

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