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All plans include:
Sharing, With User-Groups

Need to collaborate? Easily share documents, individual folders, a section or the entire account with anyone. Set access permissions to “View” to disable editing capabilities, or to “Edit” to enable the user to change the document’s metadata.

Automatic Notifications

Want to be kept in the loop? Stay updated when Folderit folders, documents or specific sections of your account change. Set and manage automatic alerts to come in immediately, or in daily or weekly batches.

Metadata and Linked Files

By adding your own metadata including keywords, dates, notes, signers, and due dates, you can better organise your documents and systems. In addition to the commonly used fields that are there by default, you can customise metadata fields to suit your business. And if you like the keep things super-organised, you can also link related files in different folders.

Multiple File Versions

Worried about lost data? When business is hectic and there are many people accessing files and folders, mistakes are easily made. With Folderit you can add a new version of an existing document while keeping the existing metadata, and all previous versions, of your document intact. Previous version recovery is easy, with a single click, so you can breathe easy. For document protection while collaborating with others, use our check-in/check-out feature, to disable concurrent multi-user access.


Never miss a deadline again. With our automated email reminder feature, notifications of deadlines and important actions are sent straight to your inbox. Set as many reminders as you want, to multiple email addresses.

Live-Search Like No Other

Our impressive document search feature puts documents at your fingertips in a flash. Using powerful Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, Folderit searches by name, title, and metadata such as signers and tags as well as searching within the document itself. Say goodbye to “lost” files!

Dedicated E-mail Address

You get a dedicated email address for every account role. You can send or forward any email message to that address and any attached file in the email will end up in your Folderit inbox. This helps to save documents on the go.

Account Role E-mail Addresses

Every account role has a dedicated email address. This means you can receive any email attachments. Saving documents on the go has never been easier.

Access Documents, Any Time, Any Place

Accessing your documents is easy! Your Folderit account can be accessed from any device, whether it’s a PC, smartphone, Mac, or tablet, as long as it is connected to the Internet. So wherever you are, be it home, office or holiday, your files and folders are just a few clicks away.

Backup Locally

We keep you files 100% safe in our cloud storage, but if you’d like to back your files up locally, you can. Just download your individual files or folders, or your entire account, at any time.

Safe and Secure Storage

Relax. Your data is encrypted and securely stored in the cloud. Each time a file is sent, it’s done safely through SSL. Your files are safe with Folderit.